Your guide to Shambhala: Friday

So I’ve decided to give you all an idea of what I’m looking forward to at Shambhala, and maybe bring some sets to your attention that you may not have planned on checking out, starting with Friday..Really looking forward to kicking off Friday afternoon at the Beach Stage with Hoola’s Bossa Nova set as Sham Paine, followed by Foxy Moron & Vinyl Ritchie‘s all vinyl extravaganza, with The Gaff from Saskatoon thrown in the mix – one DJ that I haven’t yet seen play and am really looking forward to checking out.. The afternoon comes to a climax with Fort Knox 5 playing a set on the beach at 5pm..

After that, I will make a point to check out the homey Wakcutt in the Village at 7pm, before jetting back to the Beach Stage for my most anticipated chunk of Friday, which is the Cyphanex crew runnings things from 7:30-10:30pm – DJ Dig$ will hold down the first hour, followed by the Cyphanex hip hop showcase set, before Yan Zombie tears the whole place down with his signature badman swagger – watch out for zombies as the zombie walk is set to conclude at the beach stage for his set..

Now, should the mood strike me to wander a bit throughout that chunk, I’ll surely drift back to the Village to check out pK’s Fat Pat, and Edmonton’s glitch hop kings, the Knight Riderz, as both sets promise to be devastating.  I also hope to catch some of Germany’s Siriusmo on the Pagoda, as well as some of Mat The Alien‘s set in the Fractal, before going back to the Village for DJ NuMark of Jurassic 5 – a stand up fellow indeed, looking forward to seeing him again!

I’ll definitely make my way back to the Beach for the start of my very good friend & fellow Toronto-native iLL.Gates‘ set, if only to bounce back & forth between the Beach, Mimosa‘s set in the Village & hopefully getting a chance to check in with local Kootenay favorite B-Ron on the Rock Pit..

Then, we get a triple shot of estrogen-infused, glitchy Californian basslines on the Beach stage, starting with ill-esha at 1:30am, followed by DJ Laura of the Lowriderz, and finishing with DJ Shawna at 4:30am.  I will also hope to stop by DJ Soup / Discofari‘s set on the Pagoda, Stylust & Emotionz‘ set on the Rock Pit, and will make a definite point of checking out Homebreakin‘s Spiltmilk on the Pagoda at 4am before one of my most anticipated Fractal Forest sets – Girl Unit at 4:30am.  After that, Sweet Anomaly on the Beach at 6am is a surefire hit, and should energy allow, Tarren the Tailor afterwards.

One last thing to mention – I don’t want to leave the Labyrinth out, and I actually want to make a point to go check a bit of DJ Domino‘s 3 hour set.  She is one of their main headliners this year & is a bit of a psytrance legend, living in London now but originally from Goa, India..

So much good music! Check out the full schedule for yourself here, and make your own plan!  This is just where you’ll find me… 🙂

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