dj Dubconscious – Shambhala 2011 promo mix up for download

artwork for the CD.. Yes that's two views of the hardware in my ankle..

So I made another promo mix this year in anticipation of my set on the Beach Stage at Shambhala Music Festival.. Last year’s mix was relatively lighter fare, mainly focusing on uplifting reggae vibes since that’s what I was planning on playing for my Monday morning set – but this year I was booked for Thursday at 1:30am directly after Mimosa – so I knew I’d be going in a bit heavier & more experimental..

Playing some vintage 45's in the morning at Shambhala 2010, photo by Mark Randell

I wanted to retain the dancehall vibe though, to set myself apart from my Californian counterparts, Mimosa & Bogl, that played directly before me.. I acheived this on my live set by inviting Mista Chatman along, who was at the festival performing a set with Kytami & The Phonograff – to astounding results, thanks again Lawrence..

dj Dubconscious with Mista Chatman live on the Beach on Thursday night, Shambhala 2011

While the mix is all over the place, incorporating a myriad of musical stylings including hip hop, trip hop, glitchy beats, dubstep, drum & bass, and even juke – I always go back to the reggae/dancehall foundation with a plethora of mashups & teases.. I’ve embedded the soundcloud widget above, but I’ll also conveniently link the soundcloud page here, which is where you can find the full tracklisting.  I also made an effort to showcase artists playing the festival this year, though I think I only ended up with 8 tracks from fellow acts..

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the Beach stage looked great this year for 2011.. thanks Ave for the shot

See you on the ranch in 2012!

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One Response to dj Dubconscious – Shambhala 2011 promo mix up for download

  1. deadcom says:

    You killed it at Shams, bigups man! LOVED IT

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