Basscoast Flashback: DJG, Jpod, Max Ulis & Willisist

For my inaugural post since moving to Vancouver, I’m going to drop some details on the first big show I’ll be checking out – the BassCoast Flashback at Celebrities Nightclub tonight:

Californian dubstep producer DJG is the headliner, who is responsible for some of my earliest dubstep vinyl purchases – namely “Shadow Skanking” – via Juju‘s trailblazing record label Narco Hz.  Nowadays DJG represents Wheel & Deal Records, as curated by UK dubstep veteran N-Type, though he still works with Juju & Narco Hz, having recently released a first-rate remix of Don Carlos’ track “Favorite Cup” – in fact, it made it on to my promo mix for Shambhala this year.

Jpod the Beat Chef is a good friend from the Okanagan, who runs his own record label & website, Swingset Sounds.  He’s known for making some bouncy glitch hop vibes, dubbed on the poster as bringing “Womp Hop” to the table.  He made a remix of Aloe Blacc‘s hit tune from last year which received a lot of play, though the clincher for me was his using Yes King‘s infectious ragga vocals from their catchy 2007 release, “Champion Sound” in the same track.

Closing the night out will be Vancouver’s own Max Ulis, representing the notorious Lighta! Sound.  Max is billed to be dropping a set of housey 4/4 business, a tip upon which he has been killing it as of late.  My favorite example of this would be his stellar remix of Mz Bratt‘s “Selecta.” (I wanted to embed the soundcloud link but it looks like he’s pulled the track down, how unfortunate.  If you want to hear it, I guess you’ll just have to come to Celebrities tonight.) Instead I’ll drop a freshie from Max & his brother Ben, aka fellow Lighta! Soundman Self Evident, as well as another older favorite from Max, “Thrill.”

Starting things off with some (presumably smooth) drum & bass will be Willisist of the Shah DJ’s – big respect to Shah for building the scene up & putting work in, seems like they’re constantly bringing in great artists (ie El-B in July!).  Check out Willisist’s live liquid funk set from Bass Coast by clicking this link.  Timeslots for the night are as follows:

930-11 Willisist
11-12:15 Jpod
12:15-1:45 DJG
1:45-3 Max Ulis

So yeah, in summation, tonight should be a heavy night of well programmed beats, brought to you by selectors from near & far.  I’m incredibly excited to be living here in the beautiful city of Vancouver & look forward to the future with great anticipation, as surely there is much more great live music to come.

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1 Response to Basscoast Flashback: DJG, Jpod, Max Ulis & Willisist

  1. Willisist says:

    sweet writeup, thanks Dread!
    See you all tonight!

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