dj Dubconscious live in Kelowna + brand new podcast..

This Thursday night I have the pleasure of playing with an old friend from back east, Jenny aka DJ Vilify, at the Sapphire main room in Kelowna for the Footwerk crew..  Jenny & I both came up raving in the Toronto area, before she moved on to Montreal – where she’s hit a nerve with her wildly popular Bass Drive Wednesdays, which I myself had a chance to play last September..

This will be my first time playing in Kelowna since this past March, and Jenny’s first time playing there ever (afaik).. So I’ll link a video and some beats for everyone to check out & familiarize themselves with..

Above is one of her recent productions, “The Streets,” which can be found on her 2011 summer mix, On My Level.  You can go back & check out all her DJ mixes archived here.

This one gets the most love on her soundcloud, and is called “Waiting” – local west coast favorite & Lighta! sound man Max Ulis did a remarkable remix of this track as well, which is definitely work checking out on her J’aime Le Dubstep podcast – edition 71 from about a year ago.

Now then, on to my exciting news!  Today my good friend Amy at has released her blog’s new podcast, mixed by your truly!  It’s a healthy mix of future bashment, dubstep & grime – stacked with new dubs from mainly Canadian artists, it’s definitely a fresh sound from me.  So slide on over & catch the download here, or click on the image.

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3 Responses to dj Dubconscious live in Kelowna + brand new podcast..

  1. Looking forward to this! Last Dubconscious set in Kelowna was off the hook!

  2. Amra Belshaw says:

    First time here. Nice blog and super post. Well done.

  3. Lifestyle says:

    Just found this blog but I’m lovin’ it already!

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