King Midas Sound: new mini-doc, music video & forthcoming remix LP..

King Midas Sound.  Comprised of Trinidadian future-roots crooner Roger Robinson, Japanese vocalist Kiki Hitomi, & superproducer Kevin Martin (aka The Bug, responsible for early dubstep jams with Flow Dan from Roll Deep like “Jah War” & “Skeng”), King Midas Sound have been releasing sublime, lover’s-rock-meets-bassweight-styled tunes on Kode9‘s seminal Hyperdub label since 2008, culminating in their debut full length, 2010’s Waiting For You.. Click here for the Pitchfork review.

Due out November 2nd of this year, is Without You, which is a compilation of “revocals and reinterpretations” of tracks from the first LP.  To promote the album’s release, Hyperdub has put together a short documentary – an impressive, dark montage of live performance footage, interviews & lonely travels on the London tube.  I gather this is part 1 of the doc, so keep an eye on this space for part 2, when it drops..

One single for the release has already been released, featuring a remix of “Earth A Kill Ya” by the mighty DMZ/Deep Medi baron Mala, and a remix of “Goodbye Girl” by Kuedo (aka Jamie Vex’d), which they also produced an intriguing, regressive music video for..

A video for Gang Gang Dance‘s reworking of “Earth A Kill Ya” debuted last week as well, the tune itself is on a bit of a glitchy 8-bit tip, and the video is full of animated theatrics – lightening the mood on the track considerably..

The new album features re-imaginings by Hyperdub-endorsed duo Hype WilliamsdBridge; Hyperdub colleagues Cooly G, Kode9 & the Space Ape; LA-based Brainfeeder associates Flying Lotus and Ras G; and a vinyl only remix by T++.. Click here for the full tracklisting.

King Midas Sound has been big on visual esthetic since the beginning, their first music video for “Lost” is rather striking yet simple – I’m really looking forward to hearing Flying Lotus’ reworking from the forthcoming LP..

Keep up with King Midas Sound via their blog, their new facebook fan page, MySpace & twitter.

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