Hollie Cook “Body Beat” ft Horseman

Hollie Cook is a lot of things.  Firstly, she is Paul Cook‘s daughter, drummer of pioneering UK punk band The Sex Pistols.  Secondly, she’s a member of (the 2005 reformed version of) The Slits, an English female punk band, for whom she provides vocals & keyboard duties.  I first came to know of her via her appearance on Prince Fatty‘s debut 2008 album Survival Of The Fattest, with her fabulous vocal performance on “Milk & Honey.”  She now has her debut, self-titled LP under her belt, produced by Prince Fatty & released on their Mr. Bongo records.  A video for the second single, “Body Beat” ft Horseman, was uploaded yesterday – have a look..

The first single from the album was “Walking In The Sand,” for which they released a slightly more abstract music video for..

And I’ll leave you with the track that turned me on to her, “Milk & Honey,” which was included on her LP as well..

Keep up with her on her website, facebook, soundcloud & twitter.

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