Swindle ft Footsie & Nadia Suliman – “Ignition”

Haven’t had much of a chance to post lately (someone stole my iPhone, had to track the punk down with the GPS and was able to get it back!) but this new dub from Swindle has caught my ears without a doubt – I cannot stop listening to this clip from DJ Q‘s UKG mix show on BBC 1Xtra..

The tune features a ridiculously catchy chorus from Nadia Suliman, alongside some slick verses from grime emcee Footsie, who reps Dirtee Stank & the Newham Generals.  No word on release yet, but keep your eyes peeled, as this one is an absolute banger.. Looks like Swindle has worked with Nadia Suliman before, here’s another UK Funky track they’ve done together..

If you check on her MySpace, there are other tracks that he’s produced for her, including a jungle track, “Love Loves You.”  Nuff versatility..

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