Mungo’s Hi-Fi – new “Forward Ever” LP + new video with Mr Williamz

Mr Williamz w/ the Mungo's Hi Fi collective

Scotland’s Mungo’s Hi Fi sound system has their third full-length LP Forward Ever available as of today, and it’s stacked full of guest vocalists and thick, dubby reggae vibes – check out the lead single, “Musically Mad,” featuring the lyrical stylings of UK dancehall singer Mr Williamz.

Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Mr Williamz – Musically Mad

The album also features the late Sugar Minott, Kenny Knots, Pupajim, Soom T, the Gentleman’s Dub Club & YT, with my choice cut – “Scream,” on the Bad From riddim.

Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. YT – Scream

And just today, in promotion of the album’s release, they put up a non-album track for free download – featuring Mus Bus on the Bare Worries riddim.

Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Mus Bus – Indian Sun

You can check short previews of each track from the new album below, and the CD & vinyl is available for purchase now via Scotch Bonnet’s website.  Also, there is a review up by BBC Radio that’s worth reading.

Mungo’s Hi Fi are a Scottish soundsystem based in Glasgow, and have been steadily putting records for over ten years now mainly via their own record label, Scotch Bonnet.  They’ve collaborated with artists such as Brother Culture, Top Cat, Warrior Queen, Daddy Freddy, MC Ishu & most recently with Lady Ann – on a single that I’ve been given a fair amount of play since it came out just last March..

Mungo’s Hi Fi ft MC Ishu – Under Arrest

Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Lady Ann – Doctor Doctor

Of course we all remember Lady Ann from her early 80s dancehall hit “Informer,” right?

Lady Ann – Informer

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