Africa Hitech – new EP & tour w/ Vancouver date

First off, you really must hear this – the title track from Africa Hitech‘s forthcoming EP on Warp Records, Do You Really Want To Fight?, which is a reworking of “Do U Want To Fight?” from their first full length, 93 Million Miles.

Check Warp’s soundcloud upload to hear the same track in better sound quality.  It’s also probably worth mentioning that just yesterday, their podcast for XLR8R went up, and is quite the eclectic listen – really enjoying the juxtaposition of juke vs jungle on that mix.  Now then, the next pressing news?  Their expansive North American tour that kicked off earlier in November, complete with stops in Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver – In Van we’re also lucky enough to have the bill stacked with LA’s Alpha Pup representatives Dibiase & Jonwayne alongside local selectors Self Evident & Westerley, the event being curated by Michael Red‘s low indigo venture.  Check out this live video from their show in Toronto last week for an idea of what to expect from their live show:

Now then, back to the music.  Surely you didn’t miss this breakthrough juke track of theirs, aptly named after having sampled the Ini Kamoze classic, “World A Music.”

Let’s talk about Africa Hitech for a minute. First, let’s talk about Steve Spacek (aka Steve White) who makes up on 1/2 of the duo – he is a soul vocalist who first made a name for himself with the group Spacek, before going solo in 2005, when he struck a chord with his J-Dilla produced single, “Dollar.”

Steve Spacek ft J Dilla – Dollar

He went on to start another solo project called Black Pocket, including a single on Fat City Recordings, and a full length LP which was released through D-Bridge‘s imprint, Exit Records.  He also went on to invite producers such as Calibre, Martyn & D-Bridge to remix &/or collaborate with him on the Black Pocket project, to great effect, in my opinion.  In fact, as a vinyl-purchasing drum & bass DJ in the late 2000’s, it was these soulful liquid funk releases that first brought Steve Spacek to my attention..

D Bridge ft Steve Spacek – Last Straw

Calibre ft Steve Spacek – For You Alone

The other half of Africa Hitech is prolific Australian producer Mark Pritchard, who has releases on Kode9‘s Hyperdub label, Planet Mu, Sonar Kollektiv & Warp Records, under the monikers Harmonic 313, Reload, and his given name Mark Pritchard for his releases on Mala‘s Deep Medi Musik.  One of my favorites is the tune that came out with Om’mas Keith on Hyperdub, “Wind It Up.”

Mark Pritchard ft Om’mas Keith – Wind It Up

Another side project of his that had me really excited upon hearing it, was his single on Planet Mu with former Roll Deep MC, Trim, “Stereotype.”

Pritch & Trim – Stereotype

So now you can see why I’m so amped to see these cats play this Saturday at W2 in Vancouver.  I’ll leave you with one more track, a collaboration of theirs from 2004, some real soulful vibes.  Otherwise, Vancouver crew, click the poster at the bottom for full details on their appearance this Saturday, December 3rd.

Mark Pritchard ft Steve Spacek – Without You

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