new Grime singles from the Broke ‘n’ English camp & Dub Phizix – “Marka” & “Dot2Dot”

Broke 'N' English

First up, is “Marka” via D-Bridge‘s Exit Records, which is produced by Dub Phizix & Skeptical, and features Strategy from Broke ‘n’ English on mic duties.  Note that this tune is actually at half-time drum & bass tempo – as is Dub Phizix’s signature style, one that he’s established with releases on Marcus Intalex’s Soul:R, Klute’s Commercial Suicide, Fabio’s Creative Source & Kasra’s Critical Recordings.  “Marka” is due out on December 19th on Exit – check their vendor site for more details or to pre-order.

Dub Phizix & Skeptical ft Strategy – “Marka”

Secondly is a single from fellow Manchester emcee, Skittles, which is the second track released from his forthcoming sophomore LP Poor With £100 Trainers, which is due out on the Broke ‘n’ English-curated Estate Recordings some time soon – listen to the title track here, and there is a preview EP entitled prE.P already available for free download.

Skittles – “Dot2Dot”

This single comes complete with a remix from Dub Phizix as well as an old school remix from Zed Bias..


I also came across the first single from Skittles’ forthcoming LP, which expertly samples Horsemouth’s “Herb Vendor,” personally one of my favorite roots reggae tracks of all time.  Watch the video for a laugh (& some top quality bars!)

Skittles – “Tip-i-cal-ly”

Lastly but not least, I’ll include Calibre‘s liquid funk remix of Broke ‘n’ English’s “Tryin,” which was my initial introduction to this crew, after buying the vinyl when it came out back in 2006.

Broke N English – “Tryin” (Calibre Remix)

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