New single from Ifan Dafydd – “Treehouse” / “To Me”

Ifan Dafydd

Last week, Manchester-based record label Push & Run put up preview clips for each track on their forthcoming 12-inch single from Wales-native Ifan Dafydd – and it’s more of what we’ve come to expect from him – stunning, ethereal bass music with breathtakingly beautiful vocal sampling, the b-side “To Me” pleading “speak.. to me” & “Treehouse” full of enchanting piano transitions.

Ifan Dafydd – “Treehouse” / “To Me” preview

You can also hear “To Me” in full here on Pitchfork.  There is also a longer preview with a fan-made video of “Treehouse” on YouTube, though it claims to be an early, unmastered version.

Ifan Dafydd – “Treehouse” (“unfinished and unmastered version”)

Vinyl release is expected January 30th, 2012, and digital release a week later on February 7th.

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