dj Dubconscious – live at Backstage Lounge – Nov 12, 2011

Last month I had the pleasure of headlining a show at the Backstage Lounge in Vancouver for the SHAHdjs, an established drum’n’bass and bass music crew who run a monthly there (second Saturday of each month, check one out if you have the chance!).  Willis aka The Willisist was kind enough to record the set and so I’m able to share it with you today, click through to the soundcloud info page for a full tracklisting..

dj Dubconscious – Live at Backstage Lounge in Vancouver, Nov 12th 2011

First off, I’ve got to thank the distinguished MC Zulu for hooking me up with some vocal drops just a few days before the show, which you can hear dropped throughout the set.  Another big thanks goes out to Willis & the ShahDJ’s for the invitation, and then I’ve also got to give respect where respect is due – JF Killah & Eradik played a heavyweight opening set before me to set the vibes right, and that set is available to stream or for free download on the Shah website here.  Vasho of Vasho Photography also took pictures on the night, you can see them on the Shah website here, or on facebook here.

Also, I must say it was nice to have a chance to play a drum & bass/jungle set, as that opportunity simply doesn’t come along enough out here in Vancouver.  If you are in need of a live jungle/drum & bass fix, keep it locked to the SHAHdjs fan page for future events, just like this one on Thursday Dec 15th – the lengendary A-Sides alongside MC Fats at the Red Room.

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One Response to dj Dubconscious – live at Backstage Lounge – Nov 12, 2011

  1. Scotttt says:

    Thanks for the mix, going into my playlist for sure. cheers

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