Babylon System & Truth collaboration – “Babylon War”

Yesterday, a preview clip of the new collaboration by San Francisco duo Babylon System & New Zealand trio Truth was uploaded to the Babylon System soundcloud.  It features Jamaican expat the Reggae Prime Minister offering up guest vocals on a piece of truly heavy reggae influenced dubstep – right my alley, so to speak.

Babylon System vs Truth ft Reggae Prime Minister – “Babylon War”

the Reggae Prime Minister

The Reggae Prime Minister is living in San Francisco now, and after a little digging I found his original reggae version of “Babylon War,” check it out below..

Reggae Prime Minister – “Babylon War” (original reggae mix)

This track is taken from his debut 2007 EP, Rasta Menu, which is available for purchase here via iTunes (note that for the bio they have confused him with gangsta turned Christian rapper, Prime Minister, which I found pretty funny).  He also shot a music video for the title track, which is all about eating ital (vegetarian), in Kensington Market in Toronto, so there’s the Canadian connection..

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