New Donae’o single “Move To Da Gyal Dem” & Mensah remix

The new single from Donae’o is called “Move To Da Gyal Dem” and comes from his recent full length release Indigo Child, which is available for free download from his website,  The video mainly comprised of shots of Donae’o and his guest, Ghana-based singer Sarkodie, speed dating with an array of evidently available high class women..

Donae’o ft Sarkodie – “Move To Gyal Dem”

The single itself is due for release mid-January (January 23rd) and will include remixes by David Heartbreak, Eddie K, and my personal favorite pick is the remix by Mensah, who goes a bit darker with it, compared to the light UK funky vibes of the original mix.

Donae’o – “Move To Gyal Dem” (David Heartbreak remix)

Donae’o – “Move To Gyal Dem” (Mensah remix)

With this remix, he continues on with a style seen on his last single, “The Resistance,” which has him slowing things down to 135 bpm and using more experimental and house-influenced syncopation, instead of the more traditional dubstep production style he was initially known for.  “The Resistance” was released last month to kick off DJ Die‘s new Bristol-based, multi-genre focused record label, Gutterfunk.  The track was released with an accompanying music video featuring Mensah whipping up the crunchy techno beat live on an impressive array of hardware synths & drum machines.

Mensah – “The Resistance”

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