Nitin Sawhney – The Devil & Midnight (LV Remix)


This remix actually came out over the summer, and was a sleeper for me at first, before  going on to become one of my favorite tracks of the year – the sultry vocals supplied by Phantom Limb‘s lead vocalist, Yolanda Quartey, playing as large of a part in my coming ’round to it as LV’s minimal, bass-heavy production on the remix.  Producer/songwriter Nitin Sawhney offered up the LV remix as a free download on his soundcloud in July, do yourself a favor & cop that below.

Nitin Sawhney ft Yolanda Quartey – The Devil & Midnight (LV Remix)

There’s also a fan-made music video for the original mix featuring mainly the lyrics in word art – I find the original version almost equally pleasing to the ear, I gather Nitin Sawhney is somewhat of a virtuoso when it comes to songwriting & composing..

Nitin Sawhney ft. Yolanda Quartey – The Devil & Midnight

LV, a London-based trio, have been offering up a number of top quality remixes over the past year, including these remixes for songstresses Rumer and Agnes Obel, and grime emcees Mz Bratt & Trim.

Rumer – “Aretha” (LV remix)

Agnes Obel – Riverside (LV remix)

Trim – “I Am” (LV remix)

Mz Bratt – “Tear It All Down” (LV remix)

Rumer – “Aretha” (official music video)

Agnes – “Riverside” (official music video)

Mz Bratt – “Tear It All Down” (official music video)

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