new singles from Dirty Dubsters – “Slowdown” & “Oh No”

Dirty Dubsters with David Rodigan

Irish dub-masters, the Dirty Dubsters, have a new single on the way with Screechy Dan & Whandah – somewhat of a loose reworking of the classic tune by Dawn Penn.

Dirty Dubsters ft Screechy Dan & Whandah – “Oh No”

This single is due out via their Irish Moss Records by the end of January 2012, and features remixes from JStar, a dubby jungle remix by Jinx in Dub, a housey remix from ELO & a drum ‘n’ bass remix by Zetek.

Atlanta based MC Werd2jaH

The other current single from their camp is this reggaefied dubstep jam produced by UK-based “future reggae collective” Flatline, which has them hooking up with American vocalist Werd2jaH, on “Slowdown.”

Again, there are a host of remixes – a 140-bpm 4/4 UK Funky mix from the Dirty Dubsters, a dark & heavy dubstep mix from Adam Faz, who also delivers a breaks mix, Duboffensive‘s remix takes it even darker and speeds the tempo up to 156 bpm, while Aries delivers my pick of the bunch, a nice steppy jungle mix.  This single was released on Boxing Day, and is available for purchase on Juno.

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