Evy Jane – “Sayso”

Vancouver-based duo Evy Jane, comprised of vocalist Evelyn Jane & producer Jeremiah Klein (of Basketball), are releasing their debut 12-inch single via Canadian experimental label King Deluxe next month (Feb 20 to be exact, digital release to follow in March), and uploaded the video for “Sayso” over this past weekend.

Evy Jane – “Sayso” Directed by Jason C Myers

Their tracks are hazy, synth-laden future-RnB affairs, with a catchy pop sensibility resulting in a finished product that is highly relistenable – surely due in part to Evelyn Jane’s ethereal vocals.  Max Ulis delivers a remix of “Ohso” in a stripped down, shuffling garage/house vibe to great effect, while Taal Mala‘s remix of “Sayso” is a stuttering post-dubstep joint – the depth and stereo movement on his drums are really spectacular on this one.  You can listen to each track in full in the player below, or here on their bandcamp.  Also, keep up with Evy Jane on soundcloud, twitter & tumblr.

In my humble opinion, this has got to be some of the best music coming out of Vancouver so far in 2012 – I see big, big things for this duo in the near future.  It’s also great to see that the effort has been put into a vinyl release, I look forward to placing this one in my crate.  Oh, and happy birthday Evelyn!

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