Self Evident ft Riddimz – “Showstopper” – free download

Self Evident live at the Astoria

Today we offer up our first exclusive track giveaway care of Lighta! Sound‘s resident virtuoso, Self Evident – in collaboration with Manchester-born, Toronto-based emcee Riddimz – who represents the UK Connection alongside Freeza Chin & Plain English.

Riddimz of the UK Connection

Riddimz tells me he spontaneously penned the lyrics on several napkins in a park in the West London borough of Ealing, before recording the track here in Vancouver in April of 2010. Catch Riddimz on facebookmyspace & twitter, and keep an eye out for his upcoming “Chronicles of Riddimz” compilation, featuring production from XI, the Ic3 Cream Man, Burd & Keyz, EnJ, and Streek – plus another pair of exclusive collaborations with Self Evident.

Self Evident ft Riddimz – “Showstopper” free download, limited to 100

I used the word virtuouso earlier because Self Evident (aka Ben Ulis) is not only a budding producer with an impressive soundcloud and a top notch DJ capable of spellbinding sets, but lately he is also bringing some of the most progressive & diverse acts to this city from all over North America and abroad.

Self Evident – “Sign of the Beast”

I could go on, but earlier this week, Andrew Ryce posted up an excellent interview and article on his Futureproofing blog, accompanied by a shit-hot exclusive mix of all originals from Ben – so for more background on him, I recommend checking that out here.  What I will touch on is his recent release via East Van Digital, the Set My Soul On Fire EP, and his slew of upcoming shows here in Vancouver.

His upcoming events include his monthly art show event at the Minotaur’s Lair, where his intention is to showcase emerging local artists – this Friday features Sweet Anomaly, Tank Girl, East Van Digital head honcho Joseph Martin, and Ben’s own WEPA! crew.  In early March he has Mite on deck, chief controller behind Atlanta’s Embassy Recordings (alongside Distal, that is) to the Astoria for a heavy night of bass music, backed by recent Tectonic-signee HxdB alongside Lighta! Sound folk Calamalka, Mandai & Ben himself.











In April, he’s got Loxy from Metalheadz lined up for a show at W2, showing just how versatile of a promoter he is, and later in the month he proves he’s willing to showcase lesser-known local gems, with Bastet headlining another show at the Astoria.











Also, just confirmed for March’s edition of the Minotaur’s Lair on Saturday March 24th isa special night of Dancehall & Cumbia, featuring myself, dj Dubconscious vs. the WEPA! crew.

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