Sleepin’ Giantz = Zed Bias, Rodney P & Fallacy

Zed Bias live at DMZ

Today I ordered my first 12-inch record of 2012 – the newest in the Black Gold exclusively-vinyl single series from veteran label Tru Thoughts.  The A-side of the record (“Badungdeng”) is the official debut of the Sleepin’ Giantz, a new collaborative project from the legendary Zed Bias (aka Maddslinky) alongside vocalists Rodney P & Fallacy.

Sleepin’ Giantz – “Badungdeng”

This collaboration is really fascinating for me since one of my favorite UK Garage artists (Zed Bias) working with one of my favorite raggamuffin hip hop MC’s (Rodney P) means that this will only open more doors for hybridizing today’s modern bass music with England’s rich emcee culture.  Sounds like they will release their debut LP later this year, which will no doubt feature the cut “Ravin’ Bully,” a track that mashes up the sound system fully – it’s been a staple in my set since I was lucky enough to receive it last winter.  If you haven’t heard it, I recommend checking it out on FaltyDL’s XLR8R mix from last May.  This also proves further that Zed Bias must be some sort of workaholic, with his own solo album Biasonic Hotsauce coming out last year, as well as a well-recieved 4-track EP on Loefah‘s Swamp81 label, Stubborn Phase.

Rodney P ft People’s Army & Mighty Mo – “Live Up”

Rodney P has been working on his own as a solo artist (the track above is his most recent single for Tru Thoughts) for nearly 2 decades now, but some will remember his group the London Posse, an influential British hip hop group from the early 90’s.

The London Posse – “How’s Life In London?”

In any case, I look forward to their full-length album with great anticipation, and I also feel like I should take a minute to praise Tru Thoughts for being on the cutting edge of underground bass music these days – watch out for the new album from their artist Hint as well.

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