Ghostek – “Trust Me”

Ghostek – “Trust Me”

You might remember Russian future garage producter Ghostek from my post a few weeks ago about Sleepyhead‘s Motions EP, which featured a superb collaboration between the two artists entitled “LA Kicks.”  Yesterday, he posted up a new free tune, “Trust Me,” on his soundcloud along with a note explaining that this will mark the end of his output in this style, under this moniker..

Sleepyhead ft. Ghostek – “LA Kicks”

hello guys, my name is Athur and i’m from Russia. i have another two projects i’m just bored with this future garage sound i’ve been working with for the last 18 months and i want to move in another direction. so i want to apologize to all you guys who supported me through all this time. thank you and here’s a free tune for you!

So yes, do be sure to head over to his new Rush’d soundcloud page to check out what his new beats are all about, so far I see some footwork vibes, drum & bass, and experimental hip hop, check his juke/footwork track below.

Educated Fool – Night ‘n’ Day

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