HxdB & Self Evident – “New Stylee” (Subcorr & HxdB VIP)

HxdB, photo by Vasho Pekar

In celebration of the recent release of Hexadecibel & Self Evident’s “Hoof Hearted” & “New Stylee” on Palms Out Sounds, today HxdB offered up a VIP mix of “New Stylee,” produced in collaboration with Victoria’s Subcorr.

HxdB & Self Evident – “New Stylee” (Subcorr & HxdB VIP)

While the original vocal snippet from Toronto’s Riddimz remains present (see here to download the track from which the snippet was snipped), it is chopped, screwed and resampled to bits, as is the initial synth work from the original mix, in this frantic reworking.

HxdB is also celebrating his first release on Pinch‘s Tectonic Recordings out of the UK this month, which is a collaboration with Atlanta’s Distal entitled “Booyant” – check out the preview below, & purchase the digital single from Juno here, or the vinyl 12-inch here from Redeye.

HxdB & Distal – “Booyant” preview

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