Hoola – Living Room 2012 Teaser Mix

Hoola live on the Beach Stage at Shambhala

Curator of the Living Room / Beach Stage at the Shambhala Music Festival, sir Hoola, has graced us with a new promo mix offering us an advance glimpse at what to expect on the beach this year.  He’s made it downloadable, so grab that ish & throw it on your iPod – then you can revive that Shambhala vibe as much as you need through ’til that second weekend of August.

It’s a spacey, glitchy, sometimes wobbly mix, packing a wide range of sounds into a half hour.  Local artists such as HxdB are featured, as well as international acts like Knowa Knowone, Robot Koch, Thriftworks, Nicoluminous & Ghost Mutt – does that mean that we will be seeing each of these artists in the Living Room this year?  Only time will tell.  See you on the beach!

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2 Responses to Hoola – Living Room 2012 Teaser Mix

  1. Jennafer says:

    ❤ I cant wait

  2. Vegas Bob says:

    Vegas Bob says – smooth!

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