4/20@W2 – The Librarian

The Librarian live at Bass Coast

This Friday at W2, we have the Librarian joining us from nearby Squamish.  As you may know, she is the main curator of Bass Coast – the hypest new festival on the west coast, which is really gaining momentum heading into its 3rd year.  She is also a skilled DJ, and an accomplished producer – as of late I’ve enjoyed her tune “Horizons,” which is expected on a forthcoming EP release in the fall.

a river-side shot from Bass Coast 2011

Andrea also did a mix for the prestigious Futureproofing mix series, as curated by Resident Advisor‘s Andrew Ryce – mostly consisting of her original production, which sits nicely alongside tunes from some of today’s & tomorrow’s heavyweights, including Dark Sky, Tes La Rok, TMSV & Dizz1‘s then-unreleased “Decay” – a personal favorite of mine.

She also participated in the 2999 project from King Deluxe Records, in which producers are paired with visual artists, to collaborate on a visual & aural representation of an aspect of what life might be like in 2999.  Fellow artists include Max Ulis, Slugabed, Longwalkshortdock, and even our headliner for Friday night, Mochipet, turned in a track for the project, entitled “Petdestroyer.”  The Librarian’s contribution is a track called “Blue,” and she was paired with Californian artist Lake Hurwitz.  If you have some time, take a few minutes to check each one out, I think there are over 30 pieces in all.

We’ll finish off with one of my favorite tunes of hers, title track from her East Van Digital release from last year, Arctic Swallow, which made its way on to my Shambhala 2011 promo mix, Fractured Sentiments.

In anticipation of this year’s Bass Coast, which I’m happy to report I’ll be performing at, I’ll also include a lengthy video from her performance at the festival last year.  Of course, if you’re getting antsy & can’t wait for Bass Coast, come check her out at W2 this Friday as part of our 4/20 Earth week kick-off party.

The Librarian – Live at Bass Coast 2011

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