The Drop – “Takeover”

For my 100th post here on the Daily Dread, I’m happy to feature one of my favorite new bands.  To quote their short & succinct bio, The Drop is a 7-piece roots-reggae outfit based in & around London.  Their sound is fairly simple with a straightforward approach, making reggae music for the soul, laced with ’nuff bass & rhythm.

The Drop – “Takeover” music video | Purchase on Juno or iTunes

My initial introduction to The Drop was actually via my good homey Fluxo, who passed along the DJ Rum remix of their first single “Looking To The Sky,” featuring Dandelion‘s sublime vocals over a beautiful future garage riddim – that track ended up on my Shambhala 2011 promo mix, Fractured Sentiments, and was a highlight of my set on the Living Room / Beach Stage that year.

DJ Rum also turned in a remix of their newer single, “Takeover,” as did Toronto’s Dubmatix, which I gather they have taken favor to and began to play his remix live, instead of their original version.

Their vocalist Dandelion, is indeed the same Dandelion known for his Hyperdub collaborations with LV, “Globetrotting” and most notably, “CCTV.”

The Drop have been making regular appearances on the European festival circuit over the past couple years, including performances at Boomtown Fair & Electric Picnic, so hopefully it’s only a matter of time before we see them over here in North America.  Imagine these guys doing a live set in the sunshine at the Beach stage at Shambhala?  It would be mindblowing.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.  For now, stay tuned to their soundcloud page, there is also a free tune or two up there.

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