Fracture ft Dawn Day Night – “Get Busy”

New video out last week from leftfield drum & bass stalwart, Fracture, via D-Bridge’s Exit Recordings, featuring vocalist Dawn Day Night.  The tune is pretty weird, seeing Fracture experiment with very different drum syncopation and juke-like vocal sampling – and the video is even weirder (and highly entertaining).

The story has it that Fracture and Dawn Day Night teamed up after they met outside a members only voodoo bar in an unknown location that smelled of cowfoot. Fracture was denied access as he was dressed too normally but waited outside to catch a glimpse of the patrons when they left.
All is explained in the Get Busy video, introducing Dawn Day Night in all his grotesque glory . . .

Fracture ft Dawn Day Night – “Get Busy” official music video

I got to know Fracture & Neptune buying their “drumfunk” records throughout the 2000’s, including favorites such as “Bless Me” from Bassbin Records, all of which have been collected on to a compilation called Retrospect: A Decade Of Fracture & Neptune released on their newly founded Astrophonica label.

Fracture & Neptune – Bless Me [Bassbin Records]

They are also wading into unfamiliar territory with their new label, including a new vinyl 10-inch VIP series of jungle meets juke material, including the first release – Fracture’s VIP mix of “The Limit” – as well as forthcoming tuneage from Om Unit/Phillip D Kick & Machinedrum to follow.

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