Congo Natty launches new label with “Notorious”

Nanci & Phoebe with Congo Natty, photo by Ola Christian Gundelsby

New label “Congo Natty Bass” is inaugurated with this a new tune from recent Congo Natty family additions, Nanci & Phoebe, whom we met earlier this year on the hit “Get Ready.” The new track is entitled “Notorious,” and is a cover of Turbulence‘s massive dancehall single of the same name.

Sounds a lot like Chopstick Dubplate crew on the buttons, with some really crisp jungle breaks & deep bass, and there is a steppier remix by Dialect & Kosine which will be featured on the release as well, check a short preview clip below.

A 12-inch vinyl release is slated for August 2012 release, and no doubt digital distribution will follow shortly thereafter.  Lastly, I’ll leave off with the chart-topping music video for Turbulence’s original “Notorious.”

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