new EP from Audit / Summer mix from Drifts

Our homey Audit, operating out of Edmonton now, has teamed up with an old schoolmate to form a new duo called Drifts, whom we had the pleasure of seeing hype up dancefloors at both Shambhala Music Festival, as well as Basscoast this summer.  They released a ‘summer mixtape’ a couple weeks ago that I really can’t recommend enough, as it heavily reflects their selections from this summer.

They also have a couple previews of some really hot tracks on their soundcloud, including “Rockers,” which was featured on my Skankin’ & Rockin’ mix this summer.

Audit also has a new EP forthcoming on Homebreakin Records next month, called Back To Normal, named after one of the most engaging tracks on the EP, which can also be found on my Skankin’ & Rockin’ mix.  You can preview the whole EP, including the collaboration with Watson aka Fluxo, plus remixes from Calgary’s Wax Romeo & Vancouver’s Max Ulis below.

There is also a free remix of “Sunny Winter” from Nelson’s Yan Zombie available as of today, 320 mp3 here or Wav download below through his soundcloud.

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