About dj Dubconscious

This site is curated by dj Dubconscious, currently residing in East Vancouver. With a focus on reggae & dancehall roots-infused bass music, I aim to bring you current info & music from all around the world, as well as focusing on local artists, and touring artists that will be passing through the area.

dj Dubconscious live in Kelowna w/ An Ten Nae, photo by Clear Images

dj Dubconscious – Fractured Sentiments (Shambhala 2011 promo mix)

dj Dubconscious – Real Love (Shambhala 2010 promo mix)

For more information & mixes, look me up on my Shambhala artist profile page, my facebook fanpage, my soundcloud, or check my mix archives.

dj Dubconscious live at Shambhala 2010, photo by Mark Randell


9 Responses to About dj Dubconscious

  1. Big ups on the blog mane!! You guys got a cool ass bass scene up in Van! One love! Bass LOVE!

  2. almondos says:

    Love your site! Maybe you’d like to listen to my digital reggae mix?

    anyway keep it up good stuff man

  3. Ajay says:

    love the blog man….we miss you at thymeless!!!

  4. Michael Baldwin says:

    Wonderful Blog, keep uploading.
    Any other simular blogs out there I should know about?

  5. Nami Digital says:

    Bless up Dubconcious! Love the blog! Got some NICENESS truly worthy of your set list. New artist outta the VI by the name of Shay. The sound is amazing, think Sade backed by the Wailers!!! Trus me, you don’t want to sleep on dis ya chune! Link me for the download. Bless! https://vimeo.com/44816648

  6. Liz says:

    I’m helping spread the word for my talented friends in Uganda! They do great work helping youth and their community through music. Their album Swagg Africa is on iTunes and their song “Stop Wars in Africa” can be heard here: https://soundcloud.com/li-emma/stop-wars-in-africa-li-emma. Bless!

  7. deznado says:

    whats good bro! got a track for you, indie artist Dez Nado.. hit me up @ vipsquadent@gmail.com I can send this track to you if u like it! https://soundcloud.com/vipsquadent/dez-nado-kindaded-feat

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